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Currently, electronic commerce has grown by leaps and bounds, which generates an increase in the population’s banking. The most appropriate forms of payment are those that cover the needs and expectations of your users. If you have a broad knowledge of your customer, their shopping habits, what form of payment you prefer, etc., you will be able to have them enabled in your business without many setbacks. Achieving it is important because much of the success of the sales cycle depends on that last phase in which the customer decides to pay for the product or service he has chosen.

Recent studies of neuromarketing ensure that, at the time of making a payment, the loss aversion system is activated in the brain of the consumer. The balance between this system and the reward for the purchase, is what can determine the final acquisition of the product by the user. If your store is a safe place, with good navigation and accessories that help your customer in their decision for the products and finally their purchase, you can not miss the star service that is undoubtedly the payment gateway.

You may be familiar with this situation: a customer is willing to pay and a few seconds later he leaves the process abruptly. The first questions that may arise are, what has happened? Why has the customer abandoned the purchase? Surely you have experienced as a customer in electronic stores and now that you are the owner of one of them, you wonder how you can improve the experience of your customers on your site.

A recent study by the Mexican Association of Online Sales shows that 64% of shoppers find it easy to use payment methods for online purchases, by 12% who consider them difficult to use. Among the main reasons that affect, 31% considered that the excess of required security filters was too high to make the bank accept the purchase, along with 25% considered the steps to follow to complete the purchase unclear or confusing.

Also, the Security level and payment amount are both main reasons to choose a method of Payment when buying products and services. 6 out of 10 buyers considers it safe to use methods of
Payment when buying online.

Taking into account the above, you must choose a payment gateway that takes into account and supports your merchants to offer the best payment experience in a simple and clear way.

PayRetailers, is a payment gateway with which you can make payments online and also cash payments. It works through a reference generated by the merchant, which allows its client to buy online and pay in cash through different convenience stores, being able to customize the payment scheme according to the business model of each merchant. Connect to over 100+ payment methods with a single point of connection and enjoy a Fully PCI DSS Level 1 Compliant with the latest anti fraud technologies.

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Source: Mexican Association of Online Sale (2019). Study Methods of payment and Fraud carried out by AMVO.