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A full range of online payment services


Credit and Debit Card Payments

We can help merchants to implement effective strategies to accept credit card transactions from all over the world. From the moment your customer pays, to settling up your account , you’ll enjoy a single payments platform managing the entire payment journey.


Online Bank Transfers

All payments are processed online and in real time via the customer’s bank account. The process is particularly easy for consumers, since payment can be made using their online banking login directly.


Local Cash Payments

We specialize in local payments for emerging markets. Customers who do not have a credit or debit card will be able to make their payments by simply scanning a barcode. Let your customers pay in their local currency and feel at home while making purchases.

Quick & Easy Payouts

Pay your vendors your way with agreed-upon transaction splits, pre-defined payout methods, and flexible schedules. Vendor bank accounts are linked to their own PayRetailers account for fast and simple distribution of funds.


+100 Payment Methods

Connect to over 100+ payment methods with a single point of connection.

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PCI DSS Compliant

Fully PCI DSS Level 1 Compliant with the latest anti fraud technologies.


Verified by 3D-Secure

Keep your customers happy and secure when they’re making payments online with fully-compliant authentication technology.

Increase your conversion rate

PayRetailers offers a modern, flexible, and intuitive pop-up checkout experience that intelligently adapts to your customer’s location, currency and preferences.

We provide an array of solutions to help maximize successful tran¬sactions. With our individual approach, you ensure that your customers solve certain problems independently. We work with card issuing banks to deliver decline codes, so your customers know the reason behind a declined transaction and how to resolve it.


Responsive experience

Your customers can easily make payments from mobile, tablet or desktop devices . We use multiple security layers to protect your customer transactions.


Realtime reporting

PayRetailers Gateway offers an extensive reporting platform allowing merchants to create real-time reports using an intuitive graphical user interface. These reports can be scheduled to run automatically whenever the merchant needs.


24/7 Multilingual support

We operate a 24/7 multilingual support desk. Our operators are fluent in numerous languages including Spanish, Portuguese, Hebrew and Russian. Also, our operators have strong industry and product knowledge and are trained and accredited to provide the highest levels of service and support.

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