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Payment Methods

Processing payments in Latin America to boost your revenues

Reach new customers with a single integration that gives you access to multiple payment methods, cards, wallets, and much more. We know the characteristics and the regulatory environment of each market so we can help you offer the most appropriate local payment methods.

Payment methods by country

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Boleto Bancario: the most popular payment method in Brazil

In Brazil, only a small percentage of the population has access to credit cards or bank accounts. Instead, the most popular payment method is via the Boleto Bancario system which is similar to that of wire transfer or cash payment and enables payments in any bank branch or ATM.

Merchants offering this payment method will grow their business in this expanding market. Boleto Bancario will significantly increase online store conversion rates.

We have also developed PayRetailers Boleto Flash, an enhanced form of Boleto that provides accelerated payment confirmation in less than two hours on working days.

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PIX: The new instant-payment tool in Brazil

Security is a major concern in Brazil: Consequently, Brazilians are understandably reluctant to share their card details when making online transactions.

To reassure consumers and eliminate their doubts your website must offer the option to accept payment solutions with receipts. PIX is the new instant-payment tool from the Central Bank of Brazil that allows for bank transactions in less than 10 seconds, 24 hours a day.