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Your business grows with PayRetailers

We combine local knowledge with global experience to customise our service according to the needs of your sector in Latin America. We work with all kinds of industries and each of our products and services is tailored to your specifications, increasing conversion, and lowering operational costs.

We optimize your business so that you can scale up and innovate across the globe

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Financial services

A large section of the Latin American population does not have access to banking and needs new financial solutions that respond to their needs. Become a leading provider in payment services and expand your business on an international scale.

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Electronic commerce has seen exponential growth in Latin America. More and more consumers are buying online and this trend has accelerated due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Our large selection of payment methods is suitable for all sectors across Latin America. At PayRetailers we apply state-of-the-art technology and assist you throughout the entire integration process.

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Tourism and airlines

Digital trends are transforming consumer habits and generating new opportunities in the tourism sector. PayRetailers has the capacity to provide worldwide payment solutions in local currencies, all with one single integration. We understand the complexities of the sector and have the experience and partnerships necessary to provide specialized support to all tourist related businesses including hotels, transportation providers and travel agencies.

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SaaS and digital services

The Latin American market is undergoing a rapid evolution with the development of digital products to meet the growing demands of a digital economy. The region has become a leading force for the creation and advancement of digital solutions and innovation.

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Online gaming

The digitalization of leisure time is taking the video games sector to new heights. We have payment methods that enable game, app or mobile device developers to offer local payments, so that users can make in-game purchases. Capitalize on the potential this sector offers by taking advantage of our extensive experience in specialized payment methods.

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Online education and training is growing among the Latin American population. Digital tools have improved the ability to receive education and more people are educating themselves online in order to improve their professional lives. Join us to make the most of the rampant growth in this sector and become a leading provider of payment methods.

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