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First and foremost, we act with integrity.

Welcome to the PayRetailers Group Ethics Hotline. We believe that we must earn the trust of investors, cardholders, merchants and client financial institutions. For this reason, we will never accept a situation where our values may be compromised or put in danger. To reinforce our culture of integrity, PayRetailers has an Ethics Hotline.

The Ethics Hotline facilitates the communication of possible irregular, unethical or inappropriate conduct when the standard communication channels prove ineffective or complicated.

This channel may be used by all the company’s employees, as well as clients, contractors, suppliers and any other party that maintains a business relationship with PayRetailers.

This channel is managed by the Internal Audit and Regulatory Compliance Department under the supervision of the Audit, Risk and Compliance Committee and guarantees the security and confidentiality of communications, independence and impartiality in the investigation of reported incidents, as well as the Absence of retaliation of any kind for incidents that have been reported in good faith, having the informant reasonable evidence to support it.
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Inquiries and claims

Consult any aspect related to the responsible business principles of PayRetailers (ethics, human rights, environment, privacy, safety and health, etc.)All communications received will be treated in accordance with the principles of respect, confidentiality, foundation and exhaustiveness and are governed by a procedure for processing and repeating received communications.

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Anonymously or personally, report any alleged irregularity or act contrary to the law or internal regulations of which you are aware.After sending your complaint, the system will provide a username and password that will allow you to check its status at any time, as well as add new information and contact the auditor in charge of the analysis.

How to submit a communication?

The Ethics Hotline service is free and confidential and may be accessed through the following channel:

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Through the website

Through an online reporting system at the button below. Upon accessing this page, you will be prompted to enter the organisation’s name. The language to be used for reporting an issue is Spanish.

submit a communication
The website option is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and follows the same format for collecting information. Whether the communication is made by phone or website, it will be handled confidentially, to the extent permitted by law and in line with our company’s requirement to investigate and address the reported incident or instance of misconduct.

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Data protection

All personal information will be processed by Pay Retailers SL. [solely] for [the purpose of] handling your complaint. You can exercise your rights of access, rectification, deletion, limitation and opposition, and obtain more information about the treatment by contacting:

Frequently Asked Questions

Ethics Hotline

The Ethics Hotline has been created for the employees, suppliers, customers and, in general, all the public of the PayRetailers Group anonymously to report unethical behaviour that is detrimental to our ethical culture.

We remind you that queries or claims of a commercial nature are not managed through the Queries and Complaints Channel. For this, the corresponding telephone numbers and customer service tools are available.

Omissions of controls and regulations, fraud or theft, misappropriation of assets, manipulation of financial statements, corruption, conflicts of interest of third parties, misuse of the organisation’s assets, disclosure of privileged information, technological abuse, harassment, violation of laws or regulations and labour relations, bad work environment and/or personal conflicts.