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PayRetailers Group's Social Responsibility for financial inclusion

We are contributing with Social Responsibility to financial inclusion, supporting different social causes in partnership with charities in Latin America and Europe. Our local efforts generate social impact with innovative solutions that are part of our corporate commitment.

PayRetailers, Pago Digital and Paygol working together helping those most in need
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Our goal of contributing to people’s future

We are committed to providing people around the world with greater access to financial systems across the various emerging markets in which we operate, by contributing to inclusive, equitable and sustainable growth for all in Latin America.

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Defence of the rights of the Wayúu people in La Guajira

We work to give visibility to that issue and contribute towards combating malnutrition, a lack of education and inequality of opportunities for the most vulnerable populations in Colombia.

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Strengthen the food and cultural security of the Chiquitano people

We contribute towards supporting and defending the rights of five indigenous communities in the border region between Brazil and Bolivia.

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Support to women's economic-social networks in Chilón

We support the project to strengthen women's self-management groups in Chiapas in support of gender equality in Mexico.

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Contributing to the well-being of people with severe intellectual disabilities

We collaborated in the construction of a new physiotherapy room for Aspasim, an organisation devoted to improving the quality of life of people with disabilities in Barcelona, Spain.

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“We are fully committed to these Social Responsibility actions as part of ongoing, long-term collaborations, through which we hope to continue contributing to various causes in Latin America and to the lives of the people who need it most”

Juan Pablo Jutgla

Juan Pablo Jutgla

CEO & Founder of PayRetailers