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01 July, 2022

PayRetailers officially sponsors the Europe FinTech Awards 2022

The Spanish paytech leader in emerging markets in Latin America continues to strengthen its support for advancement and progress in the world of financial services, this time as official sponsor […]

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28 June, 2022

The culture of football in Colombia and the importance of sports sponsorships in Grupo PayRetailers

In Colombia, as in the entire Latin American region, football is lived as a passion and is part of the nucleus that unites all the cultures of the continent. For […]

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20 June, 2022

PayRetailers WooCommerce plugin: a quick and easy integration for operations in Latin America

By integrating WooCommerce into your online business using PayRetailers, you’ll be able to manage more than 250 local payment methods in 12 countries in Latin America, providing your customers with […]

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19 June, 2022

What is cross-border payment regulation?

A growing market welcomes customers from various countries around the world. Because of the need to allow trade between different countries, the regulation of cross-border payments has been introduced. This […]

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15 June, 2022

What are cross-border payments?

Cross-border payments are those made between two institutions based in different countries. For many years, these payments were made through the SWIFT network, but these methods have changed. How do […]

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13 June, 2022

Pay by Link: Streamline your sales process in Latin America

Payments by Link is an excellent option for merchants to manually send a payment link across multiple channels. This way, end customers only have to access the link and complete […]

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10 June, 2022

PayRetailers Group contributes to social responsibility in Latam

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a determining factor in a company’s leadership strategy, basing management on the impacts that its activity generates for its customers, employees, investors, local communities, and […]

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