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About us

We are a payment solution

We are a rapidly growing financial and technological company that is revolutionizing the payment service provider sector. At PayRetailers we work in partnership with our clients to create a great local commerce experience. We have managed to eliminate the operational complexities of cross-border payments and promote financial technologies in Latin America.

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PayRetailers was founded in Barcelona in 2017. Our mission was to make financial products more accessible so that everyone can manage their day-to-day needs. The objective was clear: to develop an online payment solution that would allow global companies to connect with their potential clients and consumers within Latin America, via a secure, convenient and accessible payment network.

Since then, having developed a successful formula designed specifically for the Latin American market, our growth has been exponential. While we retain our European presence with our Barcelona HQ, we have added a further 7 offices across Latin America that offer services to the entire region.

Having the most advanced range of local payment systems we are the perfect partner to assist international merchants to grow their businesses in Latin America.

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Greater financial inclusion

Our diverse and multidisciplinary team are driven by the same goal: with the breaking down of borders and the relentless rise of e commerce it’s vital that all levels of society, including those that are “unbanked”, or precariously “banked”, should have access to the financial products and services that will enable them to access products and services to meet their daily needs.

Financial and technological inclusion is essential in order to continue to reduce poverty and drive prosperity in Latin America.

Discover our values


We are a highly compliant organization who believe strongly that a culture of transparency creates trust and improves teamwork, productivity and morale. We encourage constructive open communication and the sharing of ideas.

Client orientation

We strive to give a personalised service to all our clients and exceed their expectations.

Multidisciplinary experience

We count on a large team of experts and specialists all of whom share our mission and objectives.


We strive to do our best, learning and improving every day, innovating and developing our technology on a continuous basis.


Highly compliant with rigorous ethical standards. We do what we say.


We prioritize the team above individual success, and we encourage continuous training. The collaboration between employees and clients is the key to success.