Your Online Payments Partner for LATAM

We know that going local really makes a difference in Latin America markets, so we are offering the proper gateway to secure your business success.

Your customers will be able to pay directly from your checkout page using a huge variety of payment methods:

Cash Payments

You can accept payments from your customers directly in their local currency

Credit Card Processing

You can process payments with almost all credit cards: Visa, Mastercard...

Debit Card Processing

You can also accept debit cards from international providers: Visa, Mastercard...

Barcode Receipt

Make your payments as simple as scanning a barcode automatically provided

Online Bank Transfers

Receive bank transfers from your customers directly in your account

Other Alternative Methods

We keep on working to provide you with all the new alternative payment methods

Easy integration via our API

Seamlessly and easily integrated to begin receiving payments in LATAM by the next day of your application

API Integration



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Easily integrate with our user-friendly API

Altough you can do it in a very easy way, we will support you to quickly intergrate our API in your business.


Boost your sales in Latam accepting local payments

Make a difference in Latam markets accepting payments in local currencies.

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Why Pay Retailers is the stand Out Payments Solution

Simply because operating locally through Pay Retailers can give your business a distinct advantage in a continent full of opportunities and challenges as Latin America.

Every country in Latin America has its own online payments gateways. It is essential for your business to have them all, so you can really expand sales to the whole region.


Expert Service for Brokers and Financial Companies

We specially welcome partnerships with Brokers, Financial and Fintech companies, delivering tailored solutions amidst a deep knowledge and a vast experience in that particular markets

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